Bold wallpaper for every design personality.

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Wallpaper is Back

After peaking in popularity in the 1960s, wallpapers today have so much to offer. As any savvy designer knows, even a single wall application wallpaper can transform a space from drab to wow! Now accent walls have a true meaning.

There are wallpapers for everyone, the non-committal personality, the brave and bold traditionalist and even the texture crazed realist.

The Non-Committal Personality

Being able to make a design commitment doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Many people struggle with change. For the non-commitment type or even for the apartment or home renter removable wallpaper has become the answer. One of my favourite sources for removable wallpaper is a company called Chasing Paper their fun and bold patterns come in pieces ready to stick 2′ x 4′ starting at $35.00US. Their comprehensive website even provides you with a How-To Videos for applying it yourself.

The Brave and Bold Traditionalist

Some people consider themselves brave and daring when it comes to the design of their homes. If this is you, consider bringing back traditional styles in bold new ways. Franco Scalamndre began Scalamandre Silks in 1929, today Scalamandre is considered one of the leading luxury brands for fine fabrics and wallpapers. Their stunning classic patterns and styles have been at the forefront of some of the world’s greatest designs.

Many eyes and design styles are rooted in the abstract. Designer Kelly Wearstler brings bold to a whole new level with her new line of striking wallpapers. Although not completely traditional in nature these style will definitely become the future of great design.

One of the newest trends in recent years has been the return of Chinoiserie patterns and styles. One of my favourite wall covering companies Phillip Jeffries has created a line of stunning chinoiserie style wall coverings in perfect colour pairings.

The Texture Crazed Realist

Texture does amazing things to walls, it enhances the feel of the room, warms large open spaces and even helps acoustically. Phillip Jeffries is the leader in texture wall coverings, their creative use of natural fibres has become my secret weapon when it comes to designing a space. From grasscloths to silks their wide range of options allows for the perfect placement in any space. If you are looking for something timeless, consider natural textures for your walls.

Joey Vogel, Interior Design, Toronto

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