Joey Vogel Interior Design Terms & Conditions

Quotes & Invoices:

Quotes are provided to the Client prior to purchasing. Quotes are valid for 30 days from the date on the quote. Quotes will outline what is required to begin the project.

Payment from the Client is required prior to the Designer purchasing any item on the Client’s behalf. 

No Price Guarantee: Designer cannot guarantee prices of merchandise, interior installation or other services not performed by Joey Vogel Interior Design. Supplier pricing may change and this is beyond the control of Joey Vogel Interior Design. Design hour invoicing is provided to Client on a monthly basis and payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

Designer’s final payment is in no way related to the project deficiencies of third-party contractors. Final payment must be made within 5 days of design project completion.

Payment Methods: Joey Vogel Interior Design accepts payments in cash, cheque or e-transfer. We can process credit cards at an additional 2.9% of the total of the invoice, if you are interested in paying with credit card please inform the Designer prior to invoicing.

E-Transfers can be sent to please remember to provide the password.

Additional Fees

It is possible that your project may require additional services, these additional services are called reimbursements and are noted on all invoices.

Samples (If required)
Shipping Costs
Courier Services (If required)
Reproduction Services (Photocopying, photography, printing, plotting)
Architectural Models & 3-D Renderings
Long Distance Communication
Art or Mirror Hanging ($100.00 plus HST additional charge)
Designer Deliveries ($75.00 plus HST additional charge)
Travel Surcharge (If travel to site is over 25km)
Ikea Kitchens/Bathrooms/Laundry (Flat Fee of $350.00 to design/coordinate)

Timelines & Deadlines

Timelines provided by the Designer are estimated and may be altered due to unforeseen circumstances. The Designer will do their best to keep a timely pace with the project. 

The client must understand that they too must adhere to the timeline holding up on decisions; approvals or providing the Designer with required information will delay timelines. If for some reason the Client puts the project on hold for longer than 30 days, the balance owing from this signed contract will be billed.

Third Party Contractors 

Designer is not a general contractor and does not provide contractor services. If required Designer can provide a list of recommended contractors. If Project requires contractors to perform work based on Designers concepts, Client will enter in a contract directly with each contractor. Payment will go directly from Client to the contracted service. These services include but are not limited to contractors, electricians, plumbers, engineers, home specialists, upholsterers, closet designers, and kitchen cabinetry companies.

Photography & Copyright

Designer is allowed to have the home professionally photographed and has the right to include photographs in publications and or portfolio. Design drawings are also part property of the Designer providing Joey Vogel Interior Design the ability to reproduce for portfolio or publication purposes. Designer is allowed to use company branding and signage on property during construction either in ground or on hoarding.

Designer has the right to discuss processes, designs and project facts with publications upon completion of the project. Designer will not disclose any personal information about the Client before, during or after the project unless otherwise permitted by the Client.

Website Terms and Conditions: Please note that all imagery, wording and material from is property of Joey Vogel Interior Design. Misuse of this website is not permitted. We love to share our images but please contact us prior to sharing any of our photos.


In the unlikely event in which the relationship between the Designer and the Client is terminated the Client is responsible for paying all outstanding invoices and reimbursable expenses. 

Client agrees to take no action against Joey Vogel Interior Design that is intended, or would reasonably be expected, to harm the reputation of Joey Vogel Interior Design. Client agrees to take no action that would lead to unfavourable or unwarranted publicity for the Designer.

Treatment: We understand that renovations and re-designs can be a stressful time for our clients and we are here to help in every way we can. However any foul language or intolerable behaviour will allow the Designer to null and void this contract.

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