Design Services

We offer a wide range of Interior Design services. If you don't see what you are looking for or want to discuss a larger project don't hesitate to contact us.

Design Consultations

Our design consultations allow you to have exclusive access to one of our designers on-site or while shopping. Consultations are a great way to understand what we do and get those answers you needed. They are also a great way to get that little extra confidence you may need to make your final decision.

Space Planning & Floor Plans

One of the most important aspects of good design is a proper and functional layout. Our training and understanding of circulation patterns, functionality, and convenience is how we ensure that your space flows. Meeting the needs of your family is our goal whether it be the need for ample closet and storage space or a large multifunctional kitchen island we create the space for you. We work with you one on one until the plans are final and ready to go. We don’t stop until you are happy.

Millwork Design & Custom Furniture Design

We only work with the best craftsmen in the industry. Millwork design includes selecting trim, baseboard, casings as well as the design and development of custom built-ins, custom vanities, kitchens and other custom furnishings. We work with our clients to meet their storage and functional needs while creating long lasting and timeless designs.

“Millwork turns a regular design into a custom design.” - Joey Vogel

Lighting Design

Proper lighting within a space is so important. Lighting can do so much to a space including changing the mood. Our lighting designs are fully detailed and include number of pot lights, under cabinet lighting, ceiling fixtures, sconces, floor lighting, and more. We not only design the layout including the use of switches and receptacle locations but we help you with choosing the right type of light as well as the perfect style light for your space.

“Lighting is like that perfect accessory that makes the outfit.” - Joey Vogel

Material Selection & Coordination

Materials are very important, use the wrong material and you could have a huge regret on your hands. Have us help you and help coordinate the purchase and delivery of materials for your renovation or re-design.

Colour Consultations

Looking for that perfect colour for your walls? Look no further. Our comprehensive colour consultations are a great way to get the right colour before that paint brush hits your walls. Colour consultations include a designer visiting you on site during the daytime (better to chose colours in the daytime) and a follow-up full paint schedule outlining all the things your painter will require including finish, number of coats and trim & ceiling colours.

“A colour can change the whole feeling of a space.” - Joey Vogel

Kitchen and Bathroom Planning & Design

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important spaces in the home; upgrading these spaces will add value to your home. We offer full service Kitchen and Bathroom remodel/renovations. From design planning to over seeing the production to being there on install day enjoy piece of mind.

Design Management (On-Site & Project)

This service can be added to any package or scope and will save you time and money. We understand that renovating is extremely stressful; we have been through enough of them to know this! Our design management option brings a designer on board throughout the process including interviewing multiple contractors and making sure the pricing is correct for the design. We are constantly making sure that construction quotes are compared apples to apples. We also manage the job site and interact with the contractor or builder, which means you just need to talk to us and we can communicate with them. We understand the business of renovations so we can definitely provide you piece of mind throughout the whole process.

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