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Designing with Pets in Mind

I am a huge animal lover. I was very lucky to have grown up with both dogs and cats in the house.Today I live with my miniature australian sheppard, Freddie. He is anything but hypo-allergenic and definitely a shedding dog. His long fur gets everywhere.

My sister actually inspired this blog post as she recently adopted a bonded pair of beautiful cats, she's definitely still getting used to all the fur everywhere.So here are some of my pet tips and tricks when it comes to design.

Give them their own space. If you give your household pet its on space you can always have an adult time out when needed. Whether it is a cage (for a bird), or a crate or even just a pet bed. Providing your pet with a space of it's own is a great idea.

Have a Vacuum Handy!

The main reason people don't vacuum is that its not convenient. Small handheld dust busters and small pet vacuums are available at places like Costco, Canadian Tire and Home Depot. One great thing to look for in a vacuum is some sort of pet friendly label. There are many household vacuums available that are aimed at the pet owner but don't be fooled as they are not all perfect.

Vacuum buying tips: 

- Don't buy the first one you see

-All Vacuums are not the same

-Buy a vacuum that can be returned if it does not work for your pets hair

-Don't overspend if you don't have to (pets are expensive so keep this in mind)

Animal Friendly Fabrics:

Cats are the more complicated animal as I have seen a cat ruin a beautiful sofa too many times. I would never suggest you de-claw your cat. I think that is cruel and inhumane. If the cat ever gets outside the house they have no natural defence mechanism. So with cats with claws you need to look for certain things when it comes to fabric. At all costs avoid woven fabrics. Woven fabrics will unweave with cat claws. Choose a fabric that is either a suede, microsuede or velvet like texture these are usually the best materials for our furry friends.

Kitty CatMicrosuede

(My sister's cat Mr.Beans)

Animal Tip: Cover white bed linens with an inexpensive throw blanket (preferably a cozy one!) and train your pet to lay on it instead of your precious white linens. I use this plush synthetic throw on my bed, my dog Freddie loves it! *Make sure the blanket you are using is easily washable!

freddie vogel

(My precious pup Freddie!)

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