The Best Kitchen Ideas Ever!

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The Best Kitchen Ideas Ever!

A lot of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It is often thought of as the centre of the house. If you are lucky enough to be renovating or redesigning your current kitchen these tips and ideas may help you!

In a kitchen there are 3 really important design aspects: 1) Storage 2) Functionality 3) Ease of Operation

Storage is key in any kitchen design, you always want to make sure you have space for everything. When I design kitchens for my clients I break down what is going in every cupboard and drawer so everything is pre-thought and pre-planned.

If you are completely re-designing your kitchen consider these ideas to help you store items

Cutlery Storage

Source: Apartment Therapy

Corner Drawers

Source: WooHome

Pot hanging

Source: Lush Home

Onion Storage

Source: Style Caster

Electronic storage

Source: Lush Home

Here are some ideas to better your functionality


knife block

Source: Hello Kitchen


Source: Traditional Home


Source: Reliable Remodeller 


Source:Maison & Demeure

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