Being a Designer

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Being a Designer

When you love what you do it is hard to stand back and analyze how it really changes your life. This may sound silly but my mind is always on design. With any job there are ups and downs and things you love and also things you hate. There are also many things that come with the job that I didn't expect.

5 Things I Love

  • I Love Happy Clients-hearing a client compliment the work I have done or just say how happy they are makes my day! Sometimes it even makes my week
  • I Love Sourcing & Staying Current- one of my favourite things to do is to go out and source products for my clients I am always on the prowl for new and innovative products that will ultimately change the lifestyles of my clients for the better. I also attend trade shows around the world to keep myself current with all the design trends.
  • I Love Being Able to Be Creative-much of my job, as a designer, is finding solutions to everyday problems. Whether your hallway doesn't work or your Kitchen doesn't function these are problems I solve. Having the ability to use my creativity is amazing, I do get called a "genius" quite often lol. 
  • I Love my Suppliers-Over the years I have made so many amazing connections with my suppliers. Many have become good friends. 
  • I Love my Flexibility- Being able to run over to a job site or go home and take my dog out is the perfect lifestyle for me. I love being on the go!

5 Things I Hate

  • When Things are Late-Yes, this is life but I am a very prompt person and I expect my orders and items to be here on time.
  • Dealing with Money-Maybe it is because I truly love what I do but dealing with invoices and money is my least favourite part about the job.
  • Being Told I Can't Do That- It is quite frequent that I am told that I can't. Whether its a structural obstacle or the contractor has no idea what I am talking about and how to do it this part sucks. I often wish I could do everything myself and be super woman but the truth is I am not a DIYer I am a HSDIFY (Have Someone Do It For You) type of person.
  • When Things Aren't In Stock- Well this part I really try and avoid but sometimes no can do! Having sourced items for clients that are then not in stock means I have to resource the item. I do my very best to never show a client an item that is a)low in stock or b)not in stock until....
  • Sloppy Paint Jobs- My eye for detail is intense and sloppy painters and paint jobs drive me up the wall. Whether they could have masked off the areas better or covered the door hardware these little things drive me bonkers.

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