Tips for Letting Go of...Stuff

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Personally, I have never been a hoarder of any kind. I love stuff but when I am done with it, it leaves. I am talking about clothing, decor, furniture, toys, etc... Here are some of my favourite ways to "let go".

1. Do Good!

Don't just purge to purge, donate your items that are in good condition to a good cause. There are so many amazing organizations that will come and pick-up your items and even provide you with a tax receipt.

Habitat for Humanity Logo

Habitat for Humanity 

Is an amazing organization that I am so lucky to work closely with. Volunteers work hard to help strengthen families and communities through the offering of affordable housing. They also have several ReStores where your donations can be resold to help their cause.

From full Kitchens with appliances to table lamps there are always people in need. I work closely with  Habitat for Humanity for many of my furniture donations. Directly contact them via email, send in some photos of the items and they will get back to you. Email Habitat for Humanity in addition you can contact your local ReStore or drop items off at your local ReStore.

2. Hand Me Downs

Doesn't everybody love a good hand me down? As an only child I really never had any, however it is a great way to get rid of unwanted items. Whether it is handing it down to a second or third child or providing your old furniture to your cousin who is at university. 

-Consider anyone in college or anyone who just purchased their first home. It is definitely worth offering them the items you are trying to get rid of. 

3. Kijiji and Facebook Groups

One of my personal favourite ways to just get rid of stuff is to post it on Kijiji or Garage Sale Type Facebook Groups. People will likely pick up the item at your convenience. 

Some of my favourite Facebook groups include:

Decked and Decor 

Toronto GTA Garage Sale

Keeping your life from being overwhelmed by stuff is very important to living a healthy lifestyle. For further information on places to donate to please see below.

Diabetes Canada

The Furniture Bank

Red Door Family Shelter

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