Space Saving Ideas: Closet Design

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Frequently the closet becomes a hiding place for junk. A properly designed closet has the power to change your life significantly. Here are some of my space saving tips and tricks for your closet. 

My closet is where I get ready in the morning, not a huge space, but I do my makeup and get dressed there. I enjoy my time I spend in it. Improving your closet and home organization will also improve the value of your home and benefit you in the long run. Here are some of my closet saving tips!

Switch Sliding Doors to Swinging Doors

Sliding doors are not only annoying when they constantly fall off their tracks but they only allow you to see half your closet.

Closet Doors

Use The Same Hangars

Using the exact same hangars sounds silly, however it aligns your clothing all at the same height making viewing and organizing your closet much easier. We love felt lined hangars they are affordable, have a thin profile and make space saving easy in your closet. Check out these felt hangars.

Closet Design | Space Saving Solutions

Evaluate What You Have

If you are redesigning your closet this is the perfect time to get rid of any ancient clothing. When designing your closet really evaluate how much space you may need for each storage type. This is similar to what I do in a kitchen design but preparing your space saving design properly is extremely important.

Closet Design Space Saving

Use Out of Reach Spaces Well

There will always be areas in a closet that are harder to reach. I recommend using these for items such as suitcases, off-season clothing, keepsakes and or linens/pillows.

Pillow Storage

Don’t Forget about Accessories

Don’t forget to use drawers for space for jewelry, watches, ties, socks, underwear, and belts. These items often get overlooked and forgotten. 


Consider Investing in Professional Help

If you desperately need organizational help there are plenty of great organizers out there that can sort you out. A good organizer can change your life.

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