Design Tips: My Interior Design Rules

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There are rules for everything! Rules for fashion and rules for make-up but here are the rules you need to design a home. We have sat down and compiled a list of design rules we live by.

Interior Design Rule #1: Measure Twice Cut Once

I learned this rule the hard way unfortunately but always make sure to measure things twice! Measurements are an extremely important part of designing and a wrong measurement could leave you with a sofa that is too big or curtains that are too long.

Interior Design Rule #2: Righty Tighty Lefty Loosey

Bolts, screws, knobs, buttons most of the time get tighter when you screw them to the right and looser when you screw to the left. This rule is extremely handy when it comes to putting together furniture or taking it apart.

Interior Design Rule #3: The Rule of Three

When it comes to staging or decorating walls I use the rule of 3. Three items grouped together is often the most visually appealing way to decorate.

Rule of Three

Interior Design Rule #4: Making Your Bed 

When it comes to making a bed always follow these simple pillow rules. For a single bed use one king sham and one euro sham, for a double bed use two queen shams and 1 euro sham, for a queen bed use two queen shams and 2 euro shams and finally for a king bed use two king shams and 3 euro shams.

Interior Design Rule #5: Pathways & Circulation

Always have a good pathway between rooms, furniture and decorative elements so you can walk through. My pathway rule is 34"-36" of space between items.

Interior Design Rule #6: The Golden Rule

Metals of all kinds can be mixed this is permitted! Enjoy metal mixing.

Metal Mixing

Interior Design Rule #7: Fabric Rules

Your fabric must be durable and it must work for your lifestyle so pick wisely.


Interior Design Rule #8: Keep Your Upholstery Safe

Every time a vacuum I fluff and rearrange the cushions on my upholstered furniture. Whether it is a quick flip or swap this will keep your upholstery in perfect shape.

Interior Design Rule #9: Picture Hanging Rule

My picture hanging rule is such, JUST PUT IT UP. Hang that damn picture and don't expect perfection. 


Interior Design Rule #10: Patterns

1 bold amazing print, 2 geometric and 3 solids with assorted textures is how I play up a room.


Interior Design Rule #11: Carpet Rule

Furniture should be placed around the carpet not on the carpet. Front legs only in a large space.

Interior Design Rule #12: Dining Rules

Say goodbye to the carpet under your dining room table this is a design no no. Dining room carpets are too close to food and just a bad idea.

Dining Rules

Interior Design Rule #13: Bathroom Rules

Towel bar sits at 36" off the ground.

Interior Design Rule #14: Do Not Fear Colour

Use colour. I love colour so using it for me is never a problem but when designing a space use colour on things you can easily change like throw pillows, throw blankets, artwork and accessories.


Interior Design Rule #15: Break The Rules 

Don't be afraid to break the rules! Rules are meant to be broken aren't they?

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