A Year of Living Organized

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This year let's all promise to keep everything organized. Make this year easy with these organization tips and tricks.

Organization Tip #1: Use Shoe Bags for Jewellery or Make-Up

I love this idea as it is so simple and inexpensive. For ladies with tons of make-up use a clear behind the door shoe bag to house all your products.

Creators Bakers and Homemakers

Image Source: Pinterest

Organization Tip #2: File Holders for Saran and Aluminum Foil

Never lose your foil again! Use office paper holders to hold your kitchen wraps.

Aluminum Foil

Image Source: Pinterest

Organization Tip #3: Magazine Rack for Pot Lids inside Cupboard

Do you have a hard time finding the matching pot and lid? I do! Never again with this organization tip!

Magazine Rack

Image Source: Pinterest

Organization Tip #4: Shelf Risers in Fridge

Being able to see everything in the fridge may never be possible but with these shelf risers you can add additional shelving to your fridge.

Shelf Fridge

Image Source: Pinterest

Organization Tip #6: Lazy Susan for Fridge Condiments

Where is the ketchup? Keep your condiments on a lazy susan in your fridge for easy access and organization.

Lazy Susan

Image Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Organization Tip #7: Hanging Your Boots

There is no good way to store boots, they never fit in shoe shelves and they take up so much room in the front hall closet. Consider using hangers to hang them.

Boots Hanging

Image Source: SF Gate from Houzz

Organization Tip #8: Crown Moulding for High Heels

I love this organization tip! Use decorative crown moulding to store your heals on the wall.

Crown Moulding Shoes

Image Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Organization Tip #9: Untangle Your Cords

Cords are the worst as they constantly become tangled and I can never seem to keep them organized. Use butterfly office clips for keeping your cords organized.

Use Butterfly Clips

Image Source: Amazing Interior Design

Organization Tip #10: Bathroom Magnet Bar

Use a knife magnet bar in the bathroom to keep your beauty items organized great for bobby pins, nail clippers and other bathroom items.

Magnet Bar

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