Guide to Picking Down Products

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The Down-Low on Down Products

The right down insert for your bedding is essential for making a great bed as well as having the perfect night’s sleep.

Purchasing a Duvet Insert

100% Down Duvet Inserts are usually made from duck or geese feathers. If you have allergies to down you should avoid using 100% down duvet inserts or pillows. The alternative to down is called Alternative Down and is created using polyester or other synthetic fibres that knock-off the feel of down feathers. Your Alternative Down products will be a fraction of the cost of 100% Down products.

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Duvet Construction

There are many ways companies construct duvet inserts. The performance of your duvet counts on proper construction in order to keep the right amount of fill in each proportion of the insert. We always recommend a Baffle Box Construction which separates the area into sewn boxes to make sure that the fill stays within the required area. Box sizes range from 8, 10 and 12 inches depending on the size of your duvet.

Down Certification

Proper down should be down certified and there are a number of different certification processes and stamps of approval. RDS stands for Responsible Down Standard RESPONSIBLE DOWN the organization safeguards the welfare of geese and ducks in a textile industry worth more than 1.7 trillion dollars.



Loft refers to number of cubic inches that one ounce of down will fill. This measurement is down with specific international measurement and specifications. Good quality down products start at around 550 cubic inches per ounce. The fluffier the down or the higher the loft directly affects the warmth of the duvet or pillow. The loft is one of the price determining factors of your down product. Lower loft and lower quality will mean you may be required to replace your down produce sooner than a higher loft and better quality product.

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