Surviving a Renovation

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Now, I am not too worried about those new home builds, however everyone knows that renovating is stressful. Usually the word "reno" is met with an eye roll or sympathy smile when discussing your life with others. I do renovations all day every day, so you can imagine how important my "unwinding time" is. Most of the time, I don't just deal with the renovation but, I am the middle person between the contractor and the client. I thought I would take a few moments to provide a few tips and pointers for surviving a renovation.

#1. Do not start until you have everything!

A contractor should never begin a job if you still have not chosen your tile, wallpaper etc. I recommend working with a designer, like myself, to coordinate and facilitate a cohesive design prior to even hiring a contractor. As a designer it is my job to make sure things are in stock, available and ready in order to properly coordinate with the contractor. Also this way, if you love something that is not in stock you can wait and therefore get exactly what you want. 


Why you may ask:

-Contractors often balance many different jobs at one time. If they are caught waiting for the chandelier they will move on to another job. Getting them back to your renovation can be difficult. 

-Having everything available and ready to go with cut reno/dust/mess time down by at least half.

-When you choose everything prior to even beginning demolition you have the ability to really balance, budget and make thoughtful choices rather than being pressured into choosing something you are not 100% satisfied with.

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#2. Remove as much furniture as you can

Contractor's hate working around furniture. They will often charge you extra to move the furniture in order for them to do their job. The truth is, the less furniture there the better. Having contractors work around your beloved furniture is a hassle and you don't want to risk your furniture being damaged. You can store your furniture, use a driveway pod or just relocate it within your home. If this means you have to move out, MOVE OUT! Work always gets done faster if the residents and home owners move out or relocate themselves and their families if it is a large job.

Why you may ask:

-Contractors and trades are not the cleanliest when they are working. That being said your furniture can easily get damaged.

#3. Don't let things keep you up at night

You wouldn't be the first person to lose sleep over a renovation, however you need you rest to deal with the renovation. If things are eating you up inside keep a pad of paper beside your bed and make notes for the following day. Get a good night's sleep, because renovations require lots of energy. If you want some great tips for sleep read our blog post here.


-Also remember that it is a renovation and place it in your mind as such. Consider yourself lucky you can renovate and relax about everything else. IT IS JUST A RENO!

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