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Creating a home tour was something I had always wanted to do. My place underwent a significant renovation about a year ago and I wanted to share some of the images and the story behind my design choices with you. 

My Home

Turning your house into a home is one of the most important things we do as designers. My home, in Toronto is a condominium in a boutique building in midtown. The place is around 1,000 square feet and houses not only my living quarters but my home office space. 

Design Decisions I Made:

I was swooning over the Light Floor Trend and I am completely pleased with my decision. There are so many benefits to a light floor, but the best is that you can't see every bit of dust. I find the light floor not only works perfectly in a condo building but it goes with many different furniture and design styles. 

I am also completely thrilled with my choice to go with Matte Black Hardware this includes my bathroom fixtures, kitchen faucet, kitchen handles and door hardware throughout my home. Matte black is a fabulous design choice as it shows no fingerprints or watermarks. I also truly believe it is here to stay! 

The trim & crown mouldings added a surprising customized element to the space. We used a modern Step-Bevel Profile Trim from Metrie to modernize the 30+ year old condominium unit. 

Mixing Metals is one of my most favourite design decisions. Creating an eclectic mix of different metals is 100% acceptable in design. I have matte black, chrome, gold and others scattered in different areas of my home. Don't ever be afraid to mix it up!

Here are some before photos


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