Interior Design Courses

Want to learn how to design? Well our Interior Design courses are comprehensive introductions to the basics of Interior Design. Taught by Joey Vogel, herself at institutions in Ontario. You can now learn from your living room.

Design Basics Course

Learn the basics of Interior Design

  • Measurements & Drawing
  • Spatial Layouts & Methods
  • Furniture & Lighting
  • Colour Theory & Psychology
  • Elements & Principles
  • Working with Clients
  • Budgeting & Shopping 
  • and more...

Design Business Course

Running an Interior Design business

  • Naming Your Business
  • Registering a Business
  • Marketing & Networking
  • Payment & Billing 
  • Creating a Sample Library
  • Working with Clients
  • Compromising 101
  • and more...

Colourful living

All you need to know about colour

  • History of Colour
  • Psychology of Colour
  • Creating Colour Schemes
  • Creating Paint Schedules 
  • Working with Existing Colour
  • Paint Types and Finishes
  • DIY Colour Projects
  • and more...

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